CRM Navigation Redesign



Zap's -39.5 NPS and, in particular, the common mention of "not user friendly" or "difficult to navigate" have led me to develop a redesigned navigation. This UX test focused on exploring the usability of an Invision prototype.  Key elements tested including:

  1. Search functionality
  2. Notification discoverability
  3. My account preference discoverability

My Role

• Competitors website study
• Sketches
• Created prototypes
• Conducted user testing
• Analyzed user feedback, defined personas
• Iterated on designs
• Shipped new designs
• Measure redesign success

Competitive studies

From the competitive studies I did on 7 CRM systems, I validated my idea of putting the global search in the top navigation is a common CRM design pattern. Click to view comparison image





I conducted user testing using the prototype I created with a team of 3 at a company conference. Having the opportunities to sit down with our real users really helped us to learn more about their behavior and needs on navigation system. Based on the user feedback we analyzed, I created the following personas:

Before and After


1. Search Comparison


2. My Account Comparison


3. Notifications Comparison


4. Global Add Comparison